What Your Need to Know about Replacement of Old Door Knobs

posted on 02.07.2017 by Ted Vargas

The greater number of doors located in the homes of contemporary people is equipped with door hinges that complete two main functions - holding the door in its place steadily and opening it. Luckily, these hardware pieces do not undermine the beauty of doorknobs. At first, doorknobs were represented by high mounds that gave users an opportunity to operate the door very conveniently. Today, more and more homeowners wish to replace their old door knobs with more modern ones. Here it should be kept in mind that these designs should be properly fitted with a latching mechanism of the door.

As most of door knobs provide one contact point, small children and elderly people can find it difficult to operate them. This is the main reason why numerous contemporary families decide to change their old door knobs into modern hinges which are much easier to operate. Door hinges are easy to use even for small children and weak old people.

Another reason for replacing old door knobs is because they don't match the modern home decor. So, replacing these items it's recommended to invite a true professional. If an unskilled person does this project he can make the wood to crack that can happen when the door knob is being removed. As a result, you may get a completely useless door that will require to be changed as well.

It's important to pay attention to some difficulties that may arise in the process of replacing old door knobs. So, installing latching systems instead of those items, you'll need to fit these systems in the same location where the old ones were placed. This will prevent you from the necessity to identify definite carpentry work.

Secondly, before disposing your old door knobs it's highly advised to check their value, for instance, you may have very expensive antique door knobs that still remain very precious.

Another reason for replacement old door knobs is the case when they have lost traction. In this situation, they may not lose their initial grip, and as a result won't tighten the screws around the knob in a proper way. This can cause ripping of wood between the doorknobs because of the people's strength used for opening and closing of the door. To prevent such a situation, you'll have to replace the old doorknobs not to cause unnecessary damages of the door.


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