The greatest opportunities in the nearest future or Which interior design college to choose

posted on 01.12.2017 by Ted Vargas

The sweet smell of success at the interior design colleges

Nowadays, to be thriving demands to obtain the keys to success. You need to be an imaginative, an outstanding, a creative and certainly a hard-working person. All these personal characteristics should be taken into consideration while choosing your career way.Everyone wants to fulfil their own particular talents and skills the best way. Today students are believed to be full of extraordinary ideas and to be very fast-growing, so they want to try something absolutely new, to break the world and to give a lease of life to the old methods and forgotten ideas. They want to break the new ground in a certain field from scratch in order to become an example for others and to be proud for their achievements. Students plan the future life beforehand, so when they have already finished a primary school, they knew what they would like to achieve in their life. Thus, the fields connected with making innovations, using the most recent techniques, developing creative ideas will appeal to current students.

Now, there is a tremendously large number of different fields, which are considerate to be the state-of-the-art. There is acting, writing, dancing, disc jokeying, fashion designing, interior designing and so on. All these professions caught on among the students. The first reason of it is the fact that this job is always well-paid and prestigious. Globally, interior design is considerate to be a growth industry in spite of the fact that it's drastically influenced by economic ups and downs. Traditionally, the building industry has been has been a good indicator of country's economy and when this sphere of business is on its last lags, surely the interior's industry is often affected in turn. But this matter doesn't discourage students from entering interior design schools, because there are excellent opportunities for the career progression and perspectives. Furthermore, the practical and creative skills acquaired through a design education make the graduates highly employable in a number of different fields.

The second reason lies in that fact that it's a brilliant opportunity to realize your projects and ideas. It's amazing, because you can transform an unatractive space into a great masterpiece, which will make you a famous person. Also for many a design decoration and a refurbishment of home provides a wonderful outlet for creativity. At the begining, it might be hard to cope with the problems appearing during the working process, but the result will certainly worth it.

In current times, there is a vigourous number of colleges, which provide interior design courses to satisfy the needs of design industry and to teach its graduates the basic skills and to give the nessessary knowledge. To apply for the design school all students have to pass an entrance test. The purpose of the exam is to check the basic skills in technical drawing and sketching and to reveal an imaginative and analytical thinking of the students. Applicants must get through twelve exams to prove the right on the place at the school. The study process continues for about two to four years according to the institution standarts and the course selected.

The list of colleges offering an education in interior designing is:

Lovely Professional University, Phagwara
International Academy of Fashion and Design, Chennai
Institute for Interior Design, Bangalore
Indian institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
India International Trade Centre, Mumbai
Inter National Institute of Fashion Design, Mumbai, Pune, Ajmer
Indian Institute of Design, New Delhi
Global Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata
Blitz Institute of Creative Arts, Varanasi
J. J School of Arts, Mumbai
School of Interior Design, Ahemdabad
Apeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi
Academy of Art and Design, Maharashtra

Both an interior and exterior design is used in decorating the houses, offices, restaurants, caffees, shopping centres, hotels, theatres, cinemas, halls, commercial banks and other institutions. The appearance of establishment is considerate to be a status symbol, the ultimate expression of wealth and style. It's not surprising, therefore, that people are inceasingly employing the services of interior designers and that interior designer has itself become a very popular career option.

At the begining of the career after graduating from the design school ans getting degree the student starts as a practician during a trial period. It will be very beneficial to practice your skills and put forth your knowledge.

All in all, there are some assential attributes for any successful designer:

- to be creative and full of new ideas to fulfil each project.

- to be able to speak the client's mind and realize the projects according to his preferences and willings.

- The designer's plans should be co-ordinated in terms with the customer to suit him and to persuade that your company is responsible and reliable.

- The designer has to keep in touch with the modern concepts and innovations in the field of designing.

- Should review and evaluate design solutions during implementation and upon completion.

- Should analyze the client's needs and realize the requirements according to to the financial opportunities.

- Should prepare and administer the contract documents as a client's agent.

- Should have a good sense of colour to combine them properly and always improve his skills and broaden the experience.

- The designer needs to be efficient and disciplined, with good business skills, as well as flexible, creative and artistic. Interior design is a people-oriented industry, involving collaboration not only with clients, but with other professionals, specialists and suppliers, and that's why it's vital to be communicative and easy-going person.

To conclude, the job of the interior designer is highly paid, so it will be enough money for bread and butter and to roll in it.


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