Keypad Door Locks

posted on 15.08.2017 by Ted Vargas

Keypad door locks are considered to be one of the most modern ways to secure doors. It differs a lot from the traditional lock. It is convenient to use a secret pin number instead of using an ordinary key to open or lock the door. So it is much easier to dial a code on the electronic keypad. It is also possible that such keypad door locks also include biometric features such as a fingerprint or eye reader or it also can be a slot for swiping an electronic authentication card. There are many advantages attended this keyless system, which automatically makes it a better choice than a key based locking system.

First of all you expel the possibility of locking yourself out of your house or office because of a lost key. It is considered to be not simply some discomfort of being shut out or in but also a drastic and costly measures you need to go through.

Let's take the situation of the loss of a spare key or when it takes some time before the key arrives on site, in that case the lock needs to be broken and replaced. Remember that breaking the lock may possibly damage the door itself which will automatically raise repair costs. Having installed the keypad door locks, you will avoid this situation, but of course if the keys will not be lost. In a case of suspicion that the unlock code is under some risk of being broken, there is necessity to change the lock as one needs only change the pin code.

A keypad door lock is ideal for working parents who may not be at home by the time their children get back from school. There is no necessity to hide copies of the door keys under the mats or pots so the kids could open the door and get into the house. Keep in mind that having copies of the keys hidden around the compound is surely a security risk. It won't bring much difficulty to the intruder to watch your movements a couple of times to know where the key is usually hidden.

In order to avoid such risk through an electronic door lock there is a necessity to advise all the members of your family the door combination. It is also possible to program the lock to accept biometric identification for each person in the family. Parents can be belt up that anyone that does not have the unlock code or whose biometric finger details are not on the system cannot get inside the house and the children are in safe until the time the parents come back home.

It is easy to pick and compromise the ordinary door locks. There is also some risk that someone can copy your key in a case you are using a regular lock. It is also possible that the intruder may even get access to the key from a previous occupant of your house. It is not so easy to tamper the keypad door lock with. Be careful in a case, your door is close to window, as the burglar can break and reach to open the door from the inside. Then you can install a double-sided keypad lock that requires a code to open the door whether from the outside or the inside. In order to install even tighter security, you can have different pin codes for both sides of the door (which is inside lock as well as the outside lock).


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